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  • This is a people's choice competitive association, and, since all performing corps receive an equal share of the ticket proceeds, it is essential that the corps' program be appealing to the general audience.
  • These guidelines are meant to provide direction and are not intended to limit the performance opportunity of its members.


    Horns: In an arena drum corps show 10 to 30 horn players is ideal; when using more horn players please consider the acoustics. A minimum of 10 horns is preferred but not required.

    Guard: members are not limited in number. Equipment should be prepared to protect the floor.

    Percussionists: acoustics should always be considered.


  • The music that is to be played shall be recognizable tunes.
  • A flag presentation is suggested.
  • A concert is suggested.
  • Be prepared to play the massed finale song "Climb Every Mountain" (see home page for the music)You can read off of a reduced copy during the finale but music stands are not permitted.


  • Playing time: 9 to 13 minutes
  • It is preferred that the corps be in motion, however a standstill with a performing color guard is acceptable.
  • There will not be a pit as there is no front field defined, but, this does not exclude any traditional drum and bugle corps instruments in the performance.
  • When the American flag is used it shall be done with respect. The American flag can be posted for most of the performance.
  • All instruments are to be carried or wheeled on. Wheeled equipment must have inflatable tires. When percussion equipment is set onto the floor protection under the equipment is required.
  • Corps are to wear shoes that will not mar or scuff the floor or socks should be worn.
  • It is possible that the performance would be to a 360 degree audience.( this consideration is to maximize the ticket sales in the arena setting where seating is on both sides of the arena ) However, there will usually be a front stands designated.
  • Drill in the arena is equivalent to the 35 yard line to the 35 yard line with a 50 foot depth. So you can design your field drill and use it on both an arena and a field.



     At one of our organizational meetings in discussion it was recommended that in order to perform to a 360 degree audience it may be beneficial to start at the narrow end of the court (arena); although this shall not limit the start at any other location on the arena. It was mentioned that if the horn players followed the horn during maneuvers that this would spread the music around the arena naturally. The acoustics were considered during this discussion and it was mentioned that it would not be necessary to group the instruments in sections or to be at all concerned about the sound.

    It was said that in order to protect the arena floors that flag polls should have rubber tip protection and that the rifles should use a cloth tape, similar to tape used for grip on sporting equipment. The rifle should be wrapped on both ends. If the rifle is beveled to remove the edges before wrapping the wrap would not prematurely tear. Floor tarp protection will not be used.

    All DrumCorps are invited to  join the SDCA.